My R&Ds

My Electronics Journey

I got interested in electronics at the age of 10, seeing an old radio that was sitting idle in our store room. My Mom and Dad was so encouraging that they allowed me to open and play with it, which generated a lot of curiosity in me about all those tiny things inside. Seeing my curiosity, my father who was a motor mechanic then, but also knew a bit of electronics, taught me the color code used in electronics, to read resistors and other component values.

And I was so lucky to have a neighbour who was a radio mechanic, and was kind enough to entertain me during school holidays and weekends. He helped me build few simple electronics projects like dancing light, electronic siren etc., and finally at the age of 12, I build my first radio. Those was the days when internet was not that popular and had to relay on magazines like 'Electronic For You' for new project ideas and schematics. Experimented a lot of projects those days, including stereo cassette players, powerful amplifiers, FM transmitter, etc., and then slowly moved to the amazing world of microcontrollers, which made me think that anything is possible.

I am currently researching on few ideas on IoT and automations that are listed under 'Researches' tab.

Thanks to my Dad, my Mom, my sweet neighbour, my wife, my daughter, microcontrollers, google and internet for all encouragements and support.