My R&Ds

Auto Chef

Auto Chef is an auto cooking kitchen assistant that is currently under development. Ingredients for cooking are filled in 10-15 containers of Auto Chef, and various dishes can be selected from the menu option.

One can control Auto Chef completely from its mobile app, like selecting the dish you want to prepare for the day, notifying you when cooking is all done, options to keep food warm until you reach home etc.

Slot Based Traffic Flow Control System

When ever I get a signal immediately after the other and had to wait in each signal, I used to think of a proper syncing of signals and then a slot based signal free traffic movement.

I am currently working on a prototype to showcase this capability, and currently trying out different approaches like, computer based simulated approach, a working model to show how this can be done.

Automatic Speed Control System

Speeding on highways and other speed restricted road is a common issue that we face across the world. What if the cars will be automatically set to the speed limit that applies to the road. I see a very easy way to attain this, and is planning to develop a prototype on the same.