My R&Ds

Expertise in SAS

• SAS Certified Data Integration Studio Developer
• SAS Certified Base SAS programmer
• SAS Certified Visual Business Analyst: Exploration and Design Using SAS Visual Analytics

Having worked on SAS tools for more than 15 year by now, have implemented many SAS solutions for a few fortune 100 listed companies globally, which included real time fraud monitoring systems, Analytical Solutions, Business Intelligence solutions, Case Management Solution, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Solutions, Cyber Security Solutions, Enterprise Risk Management Solutions

Contributed below listed utilities to SAS Community(SAS Tool Pool)

• Utility to compare and view the differences of SAS datasets in 2 locations
• Metadata audit utility to keep track of user/group creation, deletion, addition etc. with out using SAS Management Console
• Log parsing tool to get user details for audit tracking, when service accounts are used to bring up SAS workspace servers.